6 comments on “The Tower in the Marsh

  1. Such a beautiful adventure!

    One question: are two blue portals in rooms 9 and 18 deliberate or a mistake?
    I’m trying to figure out the logic behind the colors of the portals. By the way, is there any logic? 😉

    • Wow, thanks for the kind words. It was deliberate actually, sort of. The color of the portal is decided by the floor the room it takes you to is on. I tried to make what rooms you could access from other rooms be somewhat logical in the sense that it was understandable why someone would go to room b from room a. Of course it makes perfect sense to me, but then again I know what the rooms are called.

      I’m really glad you liked the adventure.

  2. Now I have checked a few more of your adventures, and found that this one could lead into Duck Soup – nice touch!

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